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Update from Team TOMODACHI
February 2018

Participants of the TOMODACHI High School Women Career Mentoring Program in Fukushima 2017 Present Their Learnings from the Half-Year Program to Their Younger Peers and Embark on New Journeys

The last session, known as STEP 4, of the TOMODACHI High School Women Career Mentoring Program in Fukushima supported by the TOMODACHI Combini Fund 2017 took place in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture, from February 3 to 4, 2018. The program is supported by FamilyMart Co., Ltd. and Lawson, Inc. through the TOMODACHI Combini Fund.

On the second day, the KIKKAKE LIVE
(“An Opportunity to Making Oneself and to Making a Future: LIVE”) took place at Higashi Nippon International University’s Kamata Campus. For this event, the participants in the second year of high school held an orientation session.
By sending the event information via SNS, 129 female freshman students attended, which was a record breaking number since the program was launched four years ago.

The messages from sophomore students included: “Don’t be afraid of trying and creating your own story;” “You only live once. Embrace and cherish your own feelings and do what you want to do;” “Be grateful for all your encounters with peers;” “To overcome is a plus, to give up is a minus. It is all up to your own choices.” Read More>>

The Latest on TOMODACHI Programs and Activities

Participants Share Their Learnings at the Final Presentations of the TOMODACHI Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program 2017

On February 16, 2018, the final presentations of the TOMODACHI Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program 2017 took place at Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. The presentations were led by the 16 university students and young professionals participating in the program. The group traveled to Seattle, Washington, in August 2017, and at these final presentations, each participant presented on their projects since returning, their learnings from the program, and their future visions. 

Ms. Kiho Moriyama, who attends the Saga University, said, “Since I come from a rural area, it was beneficial for me to learn about such information technology tools as Skype, which enabled me to communicate easily with others. I initially struggled implementing my project after returning from Seattle, but through the program, I learned the importance of sharing my vision with others.” Read More>>

American University Students Share Experiences from Their Respective TOMODACHI Internship Programs

On February 8, three university students from the United States gathered at the Temple University Japan campus (TUJ) as part of the TOMODACHI Internship Program. The three participants introduced themselves and shared experiences from their respective internship programs, which began in early January 2018.

Ms. Isabel Barrett works as an intern at AOI Pro. Inc., a production company for TV commercials and digital content. Through her internship, she has become aware of different points of view in design, particularly the Japanese perspective of paying close attention to design details. For instance, she observed the design of garbage boxes includes detailed colors or shapes that indicate straightforward directions on street corners and are in harmony with their surroundings. Read More>>

After Completing a Week of Training in Los Angeles, Ten Female Leaders from the Tohoku Region Return to Japan and Bring Their Learnings Back to Local Communities

The TOMODACHI Tohoku Grassroots Leadership Academy took place in Los Angeles, California, from February 4 to 11. Ten participants were chosen from across the Tohoku region, which was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Through the program, the participants learned how to leverage their experiences and abilities, and to nurture innovation from Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs, NPO leaders, directors in corporations, and grassroots community leaders. During the trip, the participants visited the city hall, a local television station, a university, and the Red Cross, where they shared their experiences and learnings of the earthquake disaster from their own perspectives as young women. Read More>>

Upcoming Programs and Events
February 16 - March 5

February 23 - March 30

March 6

March 10 -11

March 21 - 29

March 22 - 25

March 26 - 30
2018 Building the TOMODACHI Generation: Morgan Stanley Ambassadors Program in Washington D.C.

TOMODACHI-STEM @ Rice University Program in Houston, Taxas and Washington D.C.

TOMODACHI Social Entrepreneurship Program Business Competition in Tokyo

TOMODACHI Alumni Regional Framework Orientation in Tokyo

TOMODACHI MetLife Women’s Leadership Program U.S. Trip in Washington D.C. and New York

TOMODACHI Generation Global Leadership Academy 2018 in Tokyo

TOMODACHI Social Entrepreneurship Program U.S. Trip in Silicon Valley
TOMODACHI Alumni Activities
Announcing the 2018 TOMODACHI Alumni Regional Leaders! 

The 16 Regional Leaders, with support from nine Regional Mentors, the U.S. Embassy, and Consulates across Japan, will lead the TOMODACHI Generation in each region in Japan. The TOMODACHI Generation Regional Framework will support alumni engagement by furthering opportunities for alumni to connect with, empower, and inspire one another in their respective regions.

For the individual Alumni Regional Leader bios and more information about the TOMODACHI Alumni Regional Framework, check out the TOMODACHI Alumni WebsiteRead More>>

TOMODACHI Alumni Joined the Snow Festival, “Nakayama Setsugekka” in Fukushima Prefecture through the TOMODACHI KaoLINK Fukushima Rebranding Program 2017-2018
The third part of the TOMODACHI KaoLINK Fukushima Rebranding Program 2017-2018 took place at the Shimogo in Fukushima on February 15-17, 2018. The TOMODACHI KaoLINK Fukushima Rebranding Program 2017-2018 focuses on the infusion of aroma and scents for marketing and tourism. Participants gained skills on branding for tourism and about the difficulties of community building by getting feedback from professionals and local leaders in Shimogo, in the Aizu Region of Fukushima. 

In this session, participants joined the snow festival called “Nakayama Setsugekka” to help rebrand the festival through scents.
At the second part of this program, the TOMODACHI Alumni created a story about a mystical flower that would only bloom on the night of the Setsugekka every year and the scent was again developed by the students based on the emotions they felt from this story. Aroma candles and scent machines were installed and showcased during the festival. Read More>>
Recruitment for TOMODACHI Program Participants
Please forward and share these opportunities with people who may be interested. 
Applications Open for the TOMODACHI Honda Global Leadership Program
Applications Now Open for the TOMODACHI Honda Global Leadership Program !

High school students who have Japanese nationality from all over Japan are eligible to apply. The program will take place from August 15, 2018 to August 29, 2018 in Los Angeles, California, and Marysville, Ohio, where Honda’s sales offices and manufacturing base are located. This program aims to provide an experiential learning opportunity for the next generation leaders to enhance global leadership skills and experience cultural exchanges between the United States and Japan. 
Application Deadline:
March 28, 2018 (Mail applications)
March 30, 2018 (Online applications)

For more information and to apply: click here.
Applications Open for the 7th TOMODACHI MUFG International Exchange Program

Applications Open for the 7th TOMODACHI MUFG International Exchange Program !

Up to twenty middle and high school students from the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures) will be selected to participate in the 7th TOMODACHI MUFG International Exchange Program. This program will send these students to Los Angeles, California and its suburbs to participate in a two-week program from July 26 to August 9, 2018.

The program is designed for the next generation leaders of Japan, to deepen the mutual understanding between the United States and Japan. It offers opportunities to experience a homestay, visits to various cultural sites and organizations that may lead to an interest in studying abroad, working overseas, or involvement with international exchanges in the future.

Application Deadline: April 13, 2018
For more information and to apply: click here.

Applications Open for the 2018 TOMODACHI-Mitsui & Co. Leadership Program

Applications Open for the 2018 TOMODACHI-Mitsui & Co. Leadership Program !

Entering its sixth year, this exchange program provides participants with unique access to leaders in the U.S.-Japan arena, and the opportunity to broaden their perspectives to enhance work or initiatives in their professional fields. Ten American and ten Japanese young professionals from a mix of public and private sectors will travel to each other’s country for one week to engage as a group and meet with established and up-and-coming leaders from business and government.

The American delegation will travel to Miyagi Prefecture and Tokyo, and the Japanese delegation will travel to Seattle, Washington and Washington, D.C.

Application Deadline:
April 5, 2018 (for American applicants)
April 19, 2018 (for Japanese applicants)

For more information and to apply: click here.
Applications Open for the TOMODACHI Daiwa House Student Leadership Conference VI

Applications Open for the TOMODACHI Daiwa House Student Leadership Conference VI in Los Angeles!

The TOMODACHI Daiwa House Student Leadership Conference VI will take place in Los Angeles from April 5 - 8, 2018. With the theme, “U.S.-Japan Business and Community Partnerships: Practical Insights for Tomorrow’s Global Leaders”, this regional conference brings together students with personal, academic and/or professional interests in U.S.-Japan relations. This four-day conference focuses on broadening participants’ understanding of U.S.-Japan relations, sharing leadership lessons, and imparting skills to help prepare them for global careers. 

Application Deadline: March 4, 2018, 11:59 Pacific Standard Time 
For more information and to apply: click here.

Applications Open for the TOMODACHI Summer 2018 SoftBank Leadership Program
Applications Now Open for the TOMODACHI Summer 2018 SoftBank Leadership Program !

The program will take place from July 20, 2018 to August 9, 2018 (dates are tentative), sending 100 Japanese high school students from the disaster affected prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima to the University of California, Berkeley, for an intensive three-week workshop focused on community-based projects and leadership development. Launched in 2012, the program is now entering its seventh year.
Application Deadline: April 1, 2018 
For more information and to apply: click here.
Applications Open for the TOMODACHI J&J Disaster Nursing Program 2018

Applications Open for the TOMODACHI J&J Disaster Nursing Training Program !

The program aims for the participants to help strengthen disaster nursing in Japan overall, by sharing what they learned with each of their respective regions. Through the approximately seven months of training, participants are expected to build on their experience following the Great East Japan Earthquake, acquire the skills and knowledge to respond to disasters and emergency situations, and play an active role in their respective regions as future leaders in the field of disaster nursing.

Deadline: March 11, 2018 at 23:59 Japan Standard Time
For more information and to apply: click here.
Applications Open for the TOMODACHI Disability Leadership Program in America

Applications Open for the TOMODACHI Disability Leadership Program in America !

This four-month-long program engages trainees in a spectrum of activities, including: an intensive orientation on the program and life in Boston, Massachusetts; an individualized internship with a disability-focused government or community organization; weekly group seminars; and English language training. The program will take place from August 1 through November 30.

Applications Deadline: March 16, 2018
For more information and to apply: click here.
Applications Open for the TOMODACHI Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program 2018

TOMODACHI Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program 2018 are offered to undergraduate students who will take part in the study abroad programs offered at 12 partner universities including
Hokkaido University, Tohoku University,
University of Tokyo, Keio University,
Waseda University, Chuo University,
Nagoya University, Kyoto University,
Doshisha University, Osaka University, Kyushu University and University of the Ryukyus.

For more information and to apply: click here.
TOMODACHI Opportunities

Marketing & Communications Manager (Tokyo Office)

The U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) and the TOMODACHI Initiative is seeking a Marketing & Communications Manager that will develop and implement a comprehensive strategic communications program to develop the profile and brand of TOMODACHI among a diverse audience and stakeholders, including senior corporate executives, government leaders, recipients of support, donors, press and the general public. For more information and to apply, click here.

Intern, U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) & TOMODACHI Initiative (Tokyo Office)

The U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) and the TOMODACHI Initiative is seeking unpaid interns. U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) and TOMODACHI offer an exciting environment for interns to be exposed to non-profit, corporate, and government fields. Responsibilities for interns include creating and drafting documents, translation, website management, social media management, newsletter development support, public speaking, communication with program participants, designing presentations and posters, and event planning. For more information and to apply, click here.

Update from Team TOMODACHI - Feburary 2018

For donors, supporters, and friends of the TOMODACHI Initiative and
the TOMODACHI Generation.



Led by the U.S.-Japan Council, and the United States Embassy Tokyo, the TOMODACHI Initiative is a public-private partnership born out of support for Japan’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. TOMODACHI invests in the next generation of Japanese and American leaders through educational and cultural exchanges as well as leadership programs.
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