Update from Team TOMODACHI
June & July 2022

TOMODACHI Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program; Returnee Students Report & Award Ceremony for 2022 New Students

On July 1, 2022, TOMODACHI Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program held a face-to-face event for students returning and students who will go to the United States to study this summer. The ten 8th cohort students who studied internationally in the fall of 2021 made group presentations on what they learned about U.S.-Japan relations while studying overseas. The event continued with an award ceremony for the 9th cohort. Each of the ten students in the 9th cohort presented their goals. Read More>>

The Latest on TOMODACHI Programs and Activities

The 2021-2022 TOMODACHI MetLife Women’s Leadership Program (TMWLP) Annual Conference

The 2021-2022 TOMODACHI MetLife Women’s Leadership Program (TMWLP) Annual Conference was virtually held on May 21 and 22. This two-day conference, themed Own Your Life, Design Your Future consisted of leadership workshops, outstanding presentations, speeches, panels, group networking, and more. Read More>>

TOMODACHI Boeing Keio SFC Entrepreneurship Seminar Midterm Report

On May 22, 2022, The Midterm Report of TOMODACHI Boeing Keio SFC Entrepreneurship Seminar was held online. This year’s program started in December 2021; twenty-three high school and university students participated. The students were divided into five groups and undertook a voluntary activity for about three months. Then, they made presentations on the progress and future of their actions on May 22. Read More>>

TOMODACHI Initiative 2021 Report is Now Published

The 2021 TOMODACHI Annual Report is now available! Learn more about TOMODACHI's impactful programs that took place during 2021 and the incredible endeavors and achievements of TOMODACHI Alumni!
Read More>>

Upcoming Programs and Events
August 6

August 8-18

August 7-22

August 10-21

August 21-26

September 24-25

TOMODACHI MUFG International Exchange Program, Final Presentation (online)

TOMODACHI J&J Disaster Nursing Training Program, U.S. Trip (online)

Building the TOMODACHI Generation: Morgan Stanley Ambassadors Program, U.S. Trip (in-person)

TOMODACHI Toshizo Watanabe Leadership Program, U.S. Trip (in-person)

TOMODACHI Boeing Keio SFC Entrepreneurship Seminar, U.S. Trip (in-person)

TOMODACHI J&J Disaster Nursing Training Program, Post-Trip Seminars (in-person)
TOMODACHI Alumni Activities

First Alumni Gathering in Boston Commemorating Expansion of TOMODACHI Regional Framework to the United States

On June 30, 2022, TOMODACHI Alumni gathered in Boston for the first time under the TOMODACHI Alumni Regional Framework that expanded to the United States for the first time this year. Participants shared that they had been waiting for such opportunities to get together in-person and be connected to like-minded individuals with similar passions to change the world. Read More>>

TOMODACHI Alumni Attended 27th U.S.-Japan Council Business Advisory Board (BAB) Meeting 

On May 27, 2022, the 27th U.S.-Japan Council Business Advisory Board (BAB) Meeting was held online. The keynote speaker was Masayuki Sarumaru, Chairman of YKK Corporation, and a presentation titled “YKK’s Philosophy Management.” Over 30 business leaders from diverse fields, including four TOMODACHI Initiative alumni, gathered to learn more about YKK’s management principles. Read More>>

Very First Hybrid TOMO-KIN Monthly Gathering Reconnects 20 Alumni In-Person

On July 9, 2022, the very first hybrid TOMO-KIN was held at the WeWork Iceberg Building in the popular Harajuku Area of Tokyo. Nearly 20 alumni gathered who represented various industries and were reconnected with alumni from other locations online. They inspired and motivated one another to keep being an active leader in their respective fields. Read More>>

TOMODACHI Alumni Highlights

<Takuya Uehara>

Takuya is an alumnus of TOMODACHI-Frogs Jr. Program, where he spent six months learning how to create a business from scratch. By participating in the program, he learned about the business and acquired a mindset of being unfazed by being different from others and taking on challenges without fear of failure. He also made friends who have similar interests and for him, TOMODACHI is an opportunity to learn about a world that he has not known yet. Read More>>

<Haruka Nakajima>

Haruka is an alumna of the 2019 TOMODACHI MetLife Women’s Leadership Program(TMWLP), by which she had a chance to go abroad for the first time. Her encounters with female role models active in various fields gave her confidence. The experience became a major turning point to change her life and go abroad to the U.K. and study literature and gender studies. She now dreams of working in the media industry or non-profit organization to realize a more gender-equal society by utilizing her study and experiences. Read More>>

TOMODACHI Opportunities

Interns, U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) & TOMODACHI Initiative (remote)

The U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) and the TOMODACHI Initiative are currently seeking interns. The internship offers an exciting environment where interns will be exposed to the non-profit, corporate, and government fields simultaneously. Responsibilities include creating and drafting documents, translation, website management, social media management, newsletter development support, public speaking, communication with program participants, designing presentations and posters, and event planning. Please note that this internship is unpaid.

For more information and to apply, click here.

Interns, TOMODACHI Alumni Leadership Program (remote)

The U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) is currently seeking qualified interns to support the TOMODACHI Alumni Leadership Program. The Program produces impactful and innovative programming for program participants who have experienced a TOMODACHI program to take the next step in their journey. The intern will be responsible for assisting the Alumni Manager and participating in various stages of engagement to support the next generation of leaders dedicated to the U.S.-Japan relationship. Our bilingual and bi-cultural team works in a fast-paced environment where strong critical thinking skills and excellent attention to detail are essential. Interns will gain a wide range of experience in various aspects of project management, marketing, social media management. This internship is a great opportunity to learn more about the nonprofit sector, public-private partnerships, and civic engagement. Please note that this internship is unpaid.

For more information, click here.
Please send applications to alumni@usjapancouncil.org.

*The next edition will be out at the end of September 2022, as a combined issue for August and September 2022.

Update from Team TOMODACHI - June & July 2022

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Led by the U.S.-Japan Council, and the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, the TOMODACHI Initiative is a public-private partnership born out of support for Japan’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. TOMODACHI invests in the next generation of Japanese and American leaders through educational and cultural exchanges as well as leadership programs.
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